IGAdvisors® uses IGHealthRate™ the healthcare industry standard IG assessment tool to assist organizations in improving performance through support of information governance (IG) programs from startup to existing IG programs. Consultants use AHIMA’s Information Governance Adoption Model (IGAM)™, the only healthcare industry focused IG model. Using customizable assessment tools and IGHealthRate™, IGAdvisors® can analyze existing issues with access, use, and governance of information assets and develop strategies for improvement. 

Our methodology includes:

  • Define IG organizational goals aligned with organization strategic goals and plan
  • Identify information flow issues
  • Document current state
  • Assess using IGHealthRate™ technology
  • Analyze results and create IG road map
  • Collaborative development of IG future state aligned with strategic goals
  • Develop IG strategies 
  • Plan for success
  • Implement individual projects and programs
  • Measure success and re-assess
  • Workforce education for IG awareness and adherence 
  • Guide and support organizations to achieve the highest level of IG maturity—IGAM Level 5™ 

A systematic approach to evaluating an organization’s IG stance requires appropriate tools to facilitate the process. IGHealthRate™, facilitates evaluation and road map development for achieving progress on the IG journey. Utilizing an identified set of organizational competencies and associated key performance indicators or markers, IGHealthRate™ can be used by your organization to examine current capabilities, identify gaps, and track progress with improvement plans. 

IGHealthRate™ is the healthcare industry standard tool for measuring information governance maturity aligned with AHIMA’s Information Governance Adoption Model (IGAM)™. IGHealthRate™ assesses and scores your organization using ten IG organizational competencies. Each competency includes several key markers that identify critical requirements that must be met to achieve IGAM Level 5™ maturity in information governance. 

IGHealthRate™ permits an organization to focus on specific areas of IG opportunities, specific competencies, a particular part of the organization, or even a specific process or procedure that require improvement. IGHealthRate™ creates a pathway of progressive performance criteria to guide an organization toward achievement of IGAM Level 5™ maturity. This highly iterative and tactically engaging framework allows an organization to assess and evaluate how information is utilized, maintained, and protected.

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