Experienced IG consultants work with the organization to prioritize IG gaps and remediation efforts based on those that are prioritized and considered the most critical and cost-effective, and yield the greatest results.

Examples include:

  • Information Governance Program start up
  • Information Governance committee charter development
  • Policy inventory and development
  • Develop legal health record definition, inventory of clinical systems
  • Regulatory response and reporting process review
  • Data governance strategy to include
    • Data dictionary development and ownership
    • Data integrity assessment and recommendations in support of quality measures and reporting
    • Physician attribution assessment and develop plans and training for accurate physician data capture
  • Patient identity enhancement
  • Privacy and security enhancement
  • Inventory of information assets
  • Workforce education/orientation and annual refresher training plan
  • Budget planning and development for Information Governance Office
  • Job description development for staff directly responsible for information governance, such as Chief Information Governance Officer, Information Steward, Data Steward
  • IG program KPI development
  • Action plan development for system conversions
  • Action plan development for acquisitions/mergers
  • IG internal audit program development and recommendations on business partners for external audit solutions

“Working with the AHIMA [IGAdvisors®] team has helped our organization get our arms around how to implement information governance. We have used the AHIMA IG competencies to help determine projects for our program including inventory of information assets so there is an enterprise-wide retention plan for all types of data regardless of media, information type, or location.  Information governance is a long-term strategic project and the AHIMA [IGAdvisors®] team helped us with structure and start up to ensure success.”
Kyle McElroy, MS-HAS, RHIA, AVP, Health Information Management IASIS Healthcare

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