The Information Governance Adoption Model Competencies include the best practice of an external audit of the organization’s information governance program. The IGAdvisors® experienced and knowledgeable team of subject matter experts—can be leveraged as your IG audit partner. IGAdvisors® will conduct a comprehensive review of the enterprise-wide information governance program and advise the organization if one of its most valuable assets—information—is being managed across the enterprise to optimize value, minimize risks, and lower costs.

The IGAdvisors® audit will:

  • Review Information Governance Program’s Strategic Plan and Policies:
    • Information governance program performance
    • Information governance structure
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • Data governance
    • Information technology governance
    • Privacy and security safeguards
    • Regulatory and legal
    • Awareness and adherence (by workforce)
  • Interview Executive and Administrative Leadership:
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Senior executive responsible for information governance
    • Chief Information Governance Officer
    • Key information governance stakeholders
    • Chair and members of information governance council/committee
  • Evaluate Methods used for measuring and reporting the IG program’s impact:
    • Performance metrics to measure program effectiveness
    • Continuous monitoring and auditing of IG policies
    • Level of awareness and adherence by workforce and business partners/associates
    • Annual review and refinement of key performance indicators
    • Regular reporting of progress toward established objectives to information governance council/committee
    • Program results and potential risks reporting to governing body

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