AHIMA Partners with Immersive to make IG Adoption Model™ and IGHealthRate™ FREE to Qualified Organizations

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At AHIMA's 89th annual Convention and Exhibit in Los Angeles, CA, AHIMA announced an expanded partnership with Immersive to co-brand and make aIGHealthRate™, the industry's only purpose-built assessment and measurement platform for information governance (IG) adoption and maturity.  With a growing number of healthcare organizations initiating data and information governance programs, IGHealthRate™ supports healthcare-aware and framework-driven IG program development via a thoughtfully designed, web-based solution.

"...We believe that AHIMA’s IG Adoption Model (IGAM™), embedded in IGHealthRate™, will enable organizations to advance IG maturity and leverage a competitive advantage through information-driven decision making,” said Kathy Downing, VP Informatics, Information Governance, and Standards at AHIMA. “With the support of partners like Immersive, Iron Mountain, and Primeau Consulting Group, we are excited to offer the IGHealthRate™ subscription free of charge to qualified healthcare organizations. IGHealthRate™ will advance current information management practices in the healthcare industry as new innovations and industry trends continue to surface.”

To learn more about the announcement read the press release.

IGHealthRate™ allows organizations to self-assess, measure and advance their IG capabilities and maturity. If you would like to see if you qualify for the free IGHealthRate™ assessment tool, visit IGAdvisors.com/contact-us and fill out the form.


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