The IGAdvisors® expert consulting team will conduct a comprehensive validation of your IG program to confirm that the 10 IGHealthRate™ competencies have reached the highest level of maturity, based on AHIMA’s Information Governance Adoption Model (IGAM)™. Organizations that have successfully implemented an enterprise-wide IG strategy, are committed to ensuring a high degree of data integrity while utilizing trusted information in decision making and patient outcomes.

IGAM Level 4 and 5 Validation is provided to accomplish the following:

  • Validation of IGAM 4 or IGAM 5 scoring by IGAdvisors® including an audit of evidence of compliance with required maturity markers by IG organizational competency.
  • Review of integration of IG into the overall infrastructure and business processes to the extent that compliance with program requirements, legal, regulatory, and other responsibilities are routine;
  • Review of how effective information governance plays a critical role in patient outcomes, consumer services, cost containment, and competitive advantage; and
  • Review of implementation strategies and tools to achieve these gains on an integrated basis. 

Services encompass:

  • Review of IG Program’s strategic plan and policies:
    • IG strategic alignment
    • IG program structure
    • Enterprise information management
    • Information technology governance
    • Data governance
    • Privacy and security safeguards
    • Regulatory and legal
    • Awareness and adherence (by workforce)
  • Interview Board, Executive, and Administrative Leadership:
    • Chairman, governing board
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Senior executive responsible for information governance program
    • Chief Information Governance Officer
    • Chairman, information governance council/committee
    • Members of information governance council/committee
    • Key information governance stakeholders
    • Information governance office staff
  • Verify Methods Used for Measuring and Reporting the IG Program’s impact:
    • Performance metrics to measure program effectiveness and evidence of its value to organization
    • Continuous monitoring and auditing of IG policies and procedures
    • Approved and funded multi-year road map to sustain the program
    • Measurable level of awareness and adherence by workforce and business partners/associates
    • Formal internal and external audit reports of program
    • Annual review and refinement of key performance indicators
    • Regular reporting by IG office of progress toward established goals and objectives to IG council/committee
    • Formal report of program’s results, potential risks, and audits provided to the governing body

Put Your Success to Work!

IGAM Level 5

Achieving IGAM Level 5, is a competitive advantage. When you’ve reached IGAM Level 5 the healthcare industry knows you have successfully implemented an enterprise-wide IG strategy and are committed to utilizing trusted data within your organization.

Display your pride and achievement with IGAdvisors'® IGAM Level 5 emblem on your website and other organizational material.